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I am providing this page to you in order that you might be able to find
helpful Christian / Bible links.

I am one of those folk who still prefers The King James Version of the Bible.
And we start out with links to that book,
or those sixty six books.

The Bible is actually a library of books.
Sixty six books in number written by forty different men over many centuries.
And still, it all fits together as if one integrated information source. And here is the first link.
For The King James Version of
The Holy Bible in text format:
Click Here

And our second link here is a web site where you can
Listen Online
or download zipped up mp3 files of
The King James Version of The Bible

You can there at "Fire Fighters.org"
either listen online
or down-load the Bible books in individual zip files.

The first book of the Bible "Genesis" for example
is about 44 mega bites of mp3 files all zipped into one file.
Genesis is one of the larger books of the Bible.
I have never taken the time to figure out which book is the largest.

You can also down-load many good audio sermons there at "Fire Fighters.org".
I particularly like to listen to Dr. J. Vernon McGee and Dr. Chuck Missler.

Click on this next link and see what all you can find.


I am not sure that I like the way these folks at firefighters.org have put together their web site but I sure do thank the Lord for them because of all the good Bible messages they have there. Here is another part of their web site that you might like to look into. They call this section "catalog/2009/" but the messages are free so I guess these are messages they have just obtained in 2009 from the original sources. http://server.firefighters.org/catalog/2009/

Here is another web site to check out.
Be sure to check out their "audio_video" section.
Some of these messages are streaming media only
but others you can download unto your own computer as mp3s.

Now look at this web site: The Word For Today
The Word For Today web site is an outreach of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa California. Their Pastor Chuck Smith is a fine preacher and Bible teacher. I note 323 mp3 audio messages with 1400 pages of notes.

Look here!
The Word For Today and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa,
also provides the King James Version of the Bible for down load in mp3 or text.
Click Here For KJV

Oh, oh, I have also found messages here too. http://twft.com/kjv/html/sermons.cfm and they didn't leave the ladies out either. I note Kay Smith and Cheryl Brodersen.

Here is another link that I ran across: Applegate Christian Fellowship
Looks like they also have audio messages and maybe some video as well.

I mentioned Chuck Missler up above so I guess I should give you his web page address.
Koinonia House
Here, this link will tell you a little something about Chuck Missler and his wife Nancy Missler.

I do have the Bible also. It is in text format.
When I am further along on building this page
you will be able to down load the whole,
or just the Old Testament, or just the New Testament,
or I have my own way of dividing up the deferent books,
and in the end I hope to be able to give you each book individually.
For now here is the Old Testament in text format:
King James Old Testament text
And here is the New Testament in text format:
King James New Testament text

And here is the whole King James Version of the Bible:
The King James Version of the Bible text

These are down loaded from Project Gutenberg
I have only saved you the trouble of going there
and finding and then dividing up the files.

Here is the first book of the Bible "Genesis" in html format: Genesis htm
And here is one of the books of wisdom, "Proverbs" in html format: Proverbs htm
And the book of Daniel htm: Daniel's Prophecy htm
And The Revelation htm: The Revelation

One of the best loved preachers of America is
John MacArthur, and here is a link to many of his sermons:
John MacArthur's Collection of Sermons.

There is one that I picked out, that I thought some of you folks
might still find relaveant today.
Click here for John MacArthur's sermon,
"What's Wrong with America"

(scripture referance Romans 1:18-32)

Sermons and Articles from a Biblical Perspective

Click Here For

Theological Studies dot org
You will have to make up your own mind on how good or how much you like this link.

Biblical Evidences
for a Pretribulational Rapture
by Mike Vlach


Edited by William Byron Forbush

Christian Classics Ethereal Library


What Lies Ahead dot com


The Original Library of John Piper Sermons

Sound of Grace Online

Bethlehem Baptist Church
Minneapolis MN.

Maranatha Baptist Church, Phillips Wisconsin
Pastor Christian Markie

Ogema Baptist Church of Ogema Wisconsin

Check out the messages preached at Ogema Baptist.
Most by Senior Pastor Rodney Price.
Click Here

And here is a link to an index page to a few pages of pictures of local interest.
Of interest to the folks of Ogema Baptist Church, and Prentice, and Spirit Baptist.
Click Here

The King Is Coming dot com
Dr. Hindson

Rapture Ready
Rapture resource for the end times

Rapture Forums
Bible Study - Forums - Virtual Chat
An Interactive Community Awaiting the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Through The Bible Radio Archives

sermon index net

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